Posted on: July 22, 2010 12:35 am

NBA Top 3 Picks

Sam Bowie. Darko Milicic. These present and past NBAers have one pretty unique thing in common. The NBA has to be the only sport where the top 3 players taken in the NBA draft are almost never all all stars and NEVER hall of famers. Of course there are some refutable ones... such as shareef, van horn. It really makes you wonder, how much more it has to do with than players skill. Intangibles like being able to check your ego as a top 3 pick, your coach, surrounding players all play a major part in the upbringing of young, brash talent that has been told their the best as far back as they can remember. But on that note, then NBA entry draft has to be the biggest crap shoot in todays sports. 1 player can turn your teams fortune whereas in Football, hockey, Baseball this is not the case, you need a cast of good players to support. 
Of course injuries play a huge part in my conspiracy... If shawn bradley stayed healthy he would have been HOF... what is it with people over 7'5 never playing a long career? lol
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